Closure – New Doors – I wouldn’t change a thing.

I never imagined I would have the support to set up a charity alongside some great women. UKRescueConnect will be a part-time venture to begin with.  I spent years helping a UK cause, giving my time freely, sometimes exceeding the normal hour working week. I seldom got thanks but I did it because I love to help animals and enjoy being a part of a team, making the world a better place.

I made videos, bought equipment to film, travelled over the UK. Set up a blog and for some years managed the Twitter page. I was a shoulder to cry on and put my soul into it. Sometimes, when I felt low I would tell myself that I was nothing more than a doormat and it was all in vain, but then something would come along and pull me back in.

I had friends who got involved with the cause and donated because they knew me. I still think to this day most of it went unnoticed. My mum would often ask why I was wasting my time when I should be building my own career and getting on with helping myself.

I realise now I really have got a charitable heart and it’s the only time I am happy – when I can use my skills to help where I can. I like digital media, love meeting people and getting out there. I come alive when I’m in the community. Yet, I felt so worthless with life, that, I will be honest a couple of years ago I thought about ending it – I wanted to die. It was not a moment, it was a real consideration that went on for months.

I had no money, no focus and I was suffering with my health due to no daylight. I was attacked in a very spiteful and indirect way through the Twitter platform by a well known couple and nobody came to help meStill to this day I’ve only confided in my two best friends about how bad it was/is. I’ve grown to live with it now. My ideas became a reality and he made millions with my concepts whilst I slept in the attic at my son’s house.

I now stand up to the woman in the relationship, who has more or less devoted her entire timeline to spite. It’s done in such a way that her partner plays off on it. It became a game where there was a cat involved, really quite pathetic. A few others began to see – but to the untrained eye it’s not visible.

That’s how it allowed her to send messages to one of the causes I was involved with – showing my ‘justified’ response to the innuendo and bitterness directly. This also extended to attacking people I love and even the birth of a child. It was vile, relentless hatred. Yet, I am proud I faced it head on with a direct approach. I am no coward, I’ve no reputation that I need to whitewash with fame, ego or popularity. I’m very much ‘what you see is what you get.’ I would die for my friends and family. I am so very protective of them all.

The hard part to accept is, I know how media can work and there will inevitably be messages circulated about me to wrongly represent the truth of the situation. It shows the way people abuse their position when they’ve got a few million in the bank. I hate injustice – so, I will just have to accept that I will under go some character assassination.  I can only hope people judge me as how they have experienced me directly. Solace to know those who’ve met me will not be drawn in. I make good friends and I keep them in most cases. I am very lucky to have my friends, family and pets.

The beautiful thing about all of this is I now have the start of a group of wonderful people – joining together to set up a new charity. One that I will be part of. We will all be equal and give one another the encouragement we deserve to help keep us going. The last five years have been very bad for me, I will be honest – but now I see light. My sprirituality gets me through most things, eventually.

I want to thank Romana, Kris and Mary for being part of this. The forthcoming volunteers and those who’ve not lost faith in me. I know I keep telling you I love you, but I can’t help it. I really do appreciate good things as I  know how the bad feels. Also I’ve actually made wonderful friends via this blogging platform! Ones that invite me to their home too, all over the world! I WANT WINGS …

If I were famous with a rich and powerful boyfriend too – this wouldn’t have happened. I would also have someone to defend me and a public profile to hide behind. But believe me – I wouldn’t trade who I am for the world. I am proud of where all of this has led me. I’ve found love. I really have and I’m grateful.

I feel sad for people who see celebrity as power and are afraid to challenge it. We’re all stars. We’re all equal – we’re all one. Like I always say, ‘there’s scholars living on the streets.’ But there are mostly good ones out there, it’s just the sour few that give the whole subject a dreadful name and they know who they are.

I am hugely inspired by Russell Brand – also, David Walliams. They give back and rarely boast.  They’re both authentic to their selves. There’s some great UK artists. I won’t let my experience taint the entire industry. It takes all sorts to make a world.

While I’m doing my diary blog I simply adore Richard Burgon. He is a labour MP for East Leeds. He is the most compassionate, well-researched, wise and committed activist I’ve ever come across. Makes me proud to be part of the North of England.

But mostly I am driven by mothers, daughters, friends – as I believe it is women that could heal the world – if they could only stop the wrangles and conflicts. Below is a screenshot that gives this closure. It’s a blessing in disguise. I am entitled to have Twitter accounts as I am to have an opinion. Unlike many I speak my mind, I’ve nothing to hide. I’m known for my frank-fullness. I am an activist – a good one at that. I can be fierce and I fight lies and deceit full heartedly.

In future I would ask if anyone wants to attack me, please call or email me so we can arrange to meet face to face. That’s how I tick. I’ve done nothing wrong other than give. A case here of being a victim of my own kindness. What an age to live in where giving is seen as weakness. I could not of coped with this on my own. I want to thank the people who have been there for me these last few days. Now it’s time to crack on and do what I love most, help the vulnerable – I know how it feels and those who are joining me with UKRescueConnect have been there too. Between us we’ve experienced our fair share of abuse. I believe most volunteers have walked the root, that’s what makes them compassionate.

My Twitter Accounts:- I have two of my own then one for news that supports Jeremy Corbyn and 2 animal rescue accounts run by volunteers. Hardly a crime. Goodbye Wetnose, my name was Tiffany. I wouldn’t change the past as it’s made me who I am today and I love myself.  We need lessons to grow. This is the last you’ll hear. It’s gone it’s behind me. Good luck to all concerned. I sincerely mean that.  New beginnings, new people – there’s work to be done.  It doesn’t matter about the cause, it’s about the vulnerable. Not awards, not big fake smiles. Just humanity.

To the millionaire woman at the centre of this, I really would suggest you approach your issues directly and avoid third parties in the future. You’ll feel better for it darling. Nothings being gained here, other than disruption – but perhaps that what’s you’re after. I’ve no regrets for facing you head on. At least I’ve the balls to be direct.



Tiffany. X


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