Retreat for February #diary Live like no-one is watching. It’s a good place.

I drive back to Yorkshire today to tie up loose ends. Then I am preparing to travel to the North of Yorkshire late Monday for two weeks of silent meditation and a diet of fruit and water. I’m winding down ….

It’s a great way to detox the mind, body and soul. It will be gruelling as I will be sitting still for up to 20 hours a day – but, I do enjoy putting myself through periodic sessions of inner cleansing and inward solitude.

I’m going to a good place with other ‘nomadic’ types that travel from all over the world for this. I feel privileged to be a part of such a great journey.  For others who meditate, tune in, we can find each other and send peace to the tougher situations the world is currently facing.

I know that silent transmissions of love and abundance can be heard more than anything else. There is love everywhere. Spending too much time online or in chaotic situations can take us away from our destiny and purpose.

On my return I will be busy and amongst other things I wish to pursue my part-time hobby of writing from heart, with complete passion.

As an openly spiritual personal I am aware I have some ‘negative’ energy attached to me that will spiral out of control unless I relinquish it in a safe environment. This is all  part of the circle of life and ‘we’ as individuals have to recognise how to balance the impact of such things. We do this with a direct connection with the divine – I call it ‘chi.’

I’ll be back in March with new material. I love everyone, I love haters, perpetrators and those who have inset resentment. I want to love you as much as you should love your ‘self.’ It starts with forgiveness, If you can forgive,  your lives will be purposeful for the right reasons. Colours more vivid, simpler things appeal – you will be awake and it’s a beautiful place to co-exist and create. join me! Start today and live like no-one is watching.


Tiffany Belle Harper.

p.s. my son sent me a photo of his first juice … intriguing.

9 Comments on “Retreat for February #diary Live like no-one is watching. It’s a good place.”

    • Kris I love you my darling. You are such a rock for me, to me and I would die for you! A gross injustice has taken place – lies backed by ego. Women need to stand up and stand together, not attack one another. I must not get pulled in to the arena. I love all involved – I send them love. I send you love – you are pure and I don’t want you to ever be hurt. Bless you and love to your family. Tell them I love them. Blowing you kisses. You are a Goddess!

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