February – Less is More #diary contemplative.

It’s been a busy week. I’m back in Leeds for a couple of days and have a meeting with my son today regarding our work schedule. I will be focusing on charitable ventures alongside a team of volunteers also completing a property refurbishment for my family’s business.

With two doggy’s by my side my time is full but it’s good to have lots to be getting on with. It’s so very true, ‘less is more.’

Sometimes we can become so distracted with situations less important than our friends and family – it jades what really matters in our world and that’s love. Finding love, treasuring it and working with love to make the world the sort of place it should be.

In an ideal situation we’d never make mistakes or attract the wrong energy but then what would we be without lessons. One of the hardest obstacles in life is growing from experience in a positive way and not becoming caught up with the negative. By looking at it, we attract it. By pondering on it, we let it in.

I’ve always spoken my mind. I say exactly how I feel about circumstances, in-justice, cowardism and the worst trait of all ‘bullying.’ When people use words and actions in ‘indirectly’ to attack others using easily influenced allies. That’s how wars start.

Nastiness should be nipped in the bud at the earlier stages. If everyone spoke freely and directly with debate and common sense, removing jealousy and ill intent, there would be always be a peaceful solution. I am fortunate, the people in my small world do that. The bigger picture is very different. It can anger me to re-act and that’s when I walk away. I tell myself to continue growing in the light.

The most disheartening thing in life for me to comprehend is that there’s so many beautiful, soulful and giving people in this world doing lovely things that are becoming less a part of society due to large corporations, ego driven individuals and over zealous ambition that would stamp on anything to climb a ladder of utter insincerity. Yet, the good people grow – perhaps more quietly but what they do is most rewarded. They’ve peace of mind. Less IS More.

Writing my little blogs now and again is hugely rewarding. I find great peace here. Now, it’s time to walk with nature before a busy day. Inhale love, exhale traffic.


Tiff. X

ps the photo above is hugely sentimental to me. It was made and sent with love from the other side of the world. I love surprises!

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