Sheena Ashby denied the right Wheelchair by West Berkshire Council in Newbury. Please show compassion. Tragic situation.


Yesterday I discovering a very kind lady who always helps out for animal welfare and campaigns via Social Media has been trying to raise her own funds for a wheelchair that will allow her to walk her own two dogs.

Sheena Ashby age 52 is a cancer survivor but is still very unwell and in pain 24/7. Sheena has osteoarthritis in almost all her joints – as well as degenerative disk disease.

She has approached West Berkshire Council in Newbury on many occasions who dismiss her needs to want to spend time outdoors and get a part of her former life back. The kerbs and pave-stones outside her own home are too bumpy for her current wheelchair that is damaged by the road and kerb conditions.

I feel dismayed this woman is going through this tragic situation. Being in pain is bad enough but not having the mobility to have…

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