#InternationalWomensDay Open Tribute to Jeremy Corbyn from Tiffany Belle Harper. Every Woman is a Goddess

I want to tribute my kudos for #InternationalWomensDay to Jeremy Corbyn. This goes beyond politics. I am not anchored to a set belief system. I am a free thinker – campaigner – activist. A mum, daughter and friend. Often hard to pin down. Constantly daydreaming. I’m not changing. Less is More.

Jeremy Corbyn comes from truth. He has terrible press coverage. Many of his greatest moments go unnoticed by the mainstream system. The Labour Party is divided. Are the Conservatives in unity? Or do they fake the smiles as most of their team lack any real backbone or authenticity.

However, I spend time out with the people. I speak with the homeless, rescue centres. I go for walks around cities. I travel alone. I love to meet strangers. This is where I thrive. I listen, I watch, I learn. I also have small women’s groups. I teach, we exchange.

The people love Jeremy. Yet, sadly as with all large groups, especially Political Parties there will be jealousy. Let’s not forget there are those who have their eye on his seat.

My political values are not entirely with any system, although I lean to Labour. I am a member of the Labour Party just because the people are so great and quirky and there’s loads of social stuff going on.

I believe from my own experience of life on the streets and amongst poverty is that we have to take care of the UK Citizens who are living here under extreme hardship. And that covers all ethnicities.

I want to see people try to contribute and not believe they are entitled to take. To pay back time for their free homes and endless handouts for multiple children. It works both ways. The rich. The high earners at the top robbing their lowest paid need to show remorse and be punished. Pen pushers are not Kings and Queens. People who get their hands dirty are a dying breed. The working class. The loyal recruits who need to feel valued in our society.

Homelessness has reached epidemic crisis. There are those being evicted at short notice with no contingency plan. Stopping benefits and crushing a person onto the pavement should be banned. Everyone has a story.

We need to integrate every single UK Resident into society.

I know the immigration crisis is just dreadful. No child should be crossing borders unsure of where they will find solace. Yet, let us not forget that some extreme radicals are abusing the system – raping and mutilating women and treating them as sex slaves. There are two sides to each story and for any kind of debate to take place we cannot pretend this is not happening.

It is not Muslims that are the problem it is extremism. Terrorism and the far right are both areas of utter hate. They’re’ both as bad. All hate is wrong. It cannot be defined by solely religion.

No war is ever resolved with a bat and ball game from hell.

I just want to say of all the highest prolific voices in the UK right now. Jeremy Corbyn is concerned for us all. He has a terrible task on his hands. His own party are not fully behind him. Much of the ‘controlled’  public don’t know him due to the lack of truth from mainstream media. Yet he is the one that on an ‘almost’ daily basis is campaigning for basic human rights. He is popping into homeless centres and visiting food banks.


Jeremy is a keen gardener, a vegetarian and family man. He is one of us. OK he earns a good wage. That is not a crime. It is not a sin to have money. It is how we deliberate our truth and make purpose of our life that holds value.

The problem is hate – ego – greed – jealousy. Worthless acts of destruction that firstly will destroy the beholder. We need to all listen to one another and act from integrity. We need to see both sides of the situation and to keep our women safe to go shopping or walk home after dark. A woman who can wear shorts, skirts or jeans without being construed as a target for abuse.

It is not acceptable to attack a woman for being free in her expression. It is not acceptable to control a woman as though she is a poccession. We come from women. We come from the womb and we should worship the feminine not violate. Every Woman is a Goddess! Physical and mental abuse derives from cowards – perverts and cults. Tiffany Belle Harper

I am a nobody – certainly not well known. I have a rubbish Social Media presence. But, when I step outside, I find love in people. I find peace with nature. I embrace my work with animals as a volunteer. I value myself.  My values subside with Jeremy Corbyn. His understanding of women. His relentless compassion for equality and fair debate using common sense. We do not have to agree with all of the concepts of another to appreciate good intent.

I’ve been through some very awful times with regard to bullying and aggravation and it was Jeremy Corbyn who inspired me to carry on in the face of adversity. Him and Richard Burgon. Two gentlemen that I love to bits.

Tiffany Belle Harper for #InternationalWomensDay in memory of my beloved dog – my world who died in arms last Thursday age 21.

Featured Image -- 493Tiffany Belle Harper.


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