Real Me (finally …) #VideoDiary

I’ve had a wonderful few days in my own space, where I’ve done things I enjoy most. Writing, making videos, photography, walking and exploring. It’s given me time to reflect. I realise that life is how we find self value with activity we enjoy. It’s soul food. It’s not who else see’s it or how others define us, it’s taking part, staying in touch and being true to our purpose.

I love blogging. It’s therapy – so, here’s a video to say hello and thank you to those who helped me through a very tough time recently. Tiffany and Angel Hound. X


6 thoughts on “Real Me (finally …) #VideoDiary

  1. Its the toughest losing a close friend of the furry kind. 😓 21 years! He really had a great run. I hope you’re able to rise up and tackle the world again soon. When you’re ready, I hope another furry friend will join you on your adventures! 😚

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