David Walliams – British Author – Comedian and TV Personality by Elegant Hippy #MidnightGang Birmingham Symphony Hall

David Walliams is charismatic and engaging. I suppose having to conduct a ‘child friendly’ get together is not an easy task for many as ‘of course’ we need to set standards as ‘adults’. Yet he delivered with respect for fans of all ages. He’s funny …. genuinely appealing. Despite his huge success – not restricted to literature but also TV and comedy, he is a humble soul. Gentle and composed with a certain degree of modesty, I found exceptionally refreshing.

I did a short film but the real and full interview can be found on the David Walliams Facebook page.

I should imagine one of the hardest aspects of dealing with fame is the ability to keep grounded and not lose touch with reality.

Over the years I have admired David Walliams – as he has time for the under-dog. You’re probably aware he is a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ David is always one that sees quality in the less mainstream candidates. This is also apparent by his praise for contestants on prime channels to include Honey G from The X Factor and Ed Balls via Strictly Come Dancing. I endorse this – as all too often the public look for naturally high ability as opposed to diversity, stepping out of the box – ‘being different or unusual’.

On stage at the weekend David Walliams spoke of his love of literature not as a researched book worm but … in more simple terms – he likes to laugh! He spoke of his inclination for books that raised an eyebrow, stepped out the comfort zone, triggered the imagination and weren’t too intense. He conveyed on a level the young would understand/relate to and he did it naturally.

I believe David Walliams truly is the next big thing since Roald Dahl. They are often compared yet their writing style is very different. It’s their imagination that synchronises most. Their vivid often warped and colourful ability to tap in to all types of wonderful dimensions (perhaps together and apart). Stunning!

Tiffany Belle Harper for Elegant Hippy UK

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