I’ve made a nest … #contemplative Just moving on really. Feels good #butterfly

I’ve created a space without distraction to write. There’s no internet. I’ve got my laptop and a radio. Even changed my music choice to ‘Smooth FM.’ It’s my nest in the middle of nowhere. A little rustic office.

I’ve been contemplative.

I believe that when we engage it is important to be amongst like-minded. And for me that is a positive mix of all types. I never predetermine how a person should think, vote or what their spiritual preference is. To me like-minded is simply to feel comfortable around people regardless of their own views. I never agree to keep the peace, I think some ‘healthy’ debate is necessary in order to learn. Yet there has to be respect of difference where you can love a person just as much for not agreeing with everything you do or say!

Opposites attract provided we have the same values. To be of service and driven by passion, to help where we can and find comfort in our own crafts whilst appreciating others. But most of all to be able to laugh. It’s about give and take. Literally, to be grateful to those who help us throughout out short journey of life. To say ‘thank you.’ We all need to feel appreciated. Good manners cost nothing and blatant bad manners should be avoided.

When a friend hurts us, we can make adjustments to avoid this happening once more, but … when a ‘friend or associate’ repeatedly hurts our feelings, it’s time to move on. I’ve learned this many times. Yet, it’s only been since losing my dog I’ve had the ability to sincerely shrug off any shit going on in my life. I just don’t need it. It’s quite a good feeling. To just brush things off and get on with stuff.

We should never judge another person until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. It’s true. It’s about balance, acceptance and finding somewhere in the middle to distribute the process of giving and receiving. Yet, if only one of you is able to do this. The other will be left depleted. Just move on. I do. It’s brilliant. You’ll feel much better for it.

My head’s been full of words. Some I thought I’d forgot with time and life experience – but they’re flooding back. Perhaps the pace of life erases the most poignant bits?  I’ve been scribbling away and writing the book for which I am proud to announce I am on the fifth chapter. It may take a year – a couple of months but it’s thrilling me. It’s about the taking part not the destination. I’ve never been so focused or at one with ‘me.’

So, for my writing nest. I’ve only used stuff I had lying around or found in the garage. Got a couple of bits from the tip shop. I wanted it all to just fall together in a miss-match.

It’s my very own space and I find peace here. I am trying not to become a complete hermit. I’ve got to do a bit for the UKRescueConnect blog. Been trying to work out how to network ‘pages’ on Facebook as so far I’ve only used it to engage with groups and talk to friends on my personal page. Total disaster – have to laugh. Will keep having a dabble when I’m in bed supping tea.

Here’s some pictures of my little hub … they’re a bit blurry. Camera’s in car. I hope you’re all well. Sending the love … peace.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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