My Dog

Oh Gosh, I am such a woose. Popped on to my private page on Facebook and a friend sent me one of these daft quizzes, they’re fun. I put a photo of me and Foley in and it’s turned our picture to this. It’s sent me upset once more.

FoleyPortraitI am not sure I can ever recover. I’ve lost the best friend I ever had and there’s a huge hole in my heart. I am fine for days then it just comes over me. I must try harder to regain my self confidence. Look at him. Breath … small steps. I suppose it’s normal to be like this. I will just go with it. He’s perfect. Just one more day … I miss not holding him. It’s awful.

Tiff. X


7 Comments on “My Dog”

  1. It is normal to feel like this, but that doesn’t make it any easier, my lovely. He may be just a little creature but the space he filled in your life and heart was immeasurable. It doesn’t heal so quickly, but there will come a time when the pain will subside and only the beauty and love of happy times will remain. He brought you so much joy and he would never and did not take that from you when he left. You will find it again, waiting for you, just beyond the tears.
    Much love and hugs, my friend. I am thinking of you and sending you all the comfort I can muster xx


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