Real Community versus Social Media and a House Fire #diary

I go on Facebook and it’s really hard to get around groups and promote things I’ve written. It leaves me feeling frustrated. I spend time catching up with friends on my private page, I feel inclusion and love seeing what everyone is up to.

I go on Twitter … there’s so much information. I become confused, say all the wrong things and often lose my focus. I can waste hours looking around the platform and achieve nothing. It really does make my head spin. So I just get my camera and notebook then drive around finding adventures. This makes me happy. I always offend people on social media without wanting to. Often I will react instantly to something then wonder why I did it. I just speak from my heart, so perhaps it’s not ideal for people like me, or you, if you are that way inclined.

Twitter is a place that has some awful memories for me. I was ‘at one point’ feeling life had no value due being bullied day in day out via the platform in such an in-direct way due to me having no real voice on there, it almost broke me. But more so, bullying upsets our friends and family. It affects them as no-one wants to see those they love being hurt. That just made it worst as since losing my dog I’ve not ventured into hateful territory so if it is still happening, I’m sincerely not aware of it. Yet I do feel defensive when I have to use the platform to share news. The plus is there’s some adorable Angels on there doing such great things.

I know, my place is being ‘out there’ then sharing it on here when I can. It’s my favourite thing.

Moving on … last night. I wasn’t in the best of moods. Angel my little hound and me went to my sons to do some housework for him. He works so very, very hard. I am a proud Mum. He is 100% working class, spending all his time not only building a property portfolio but also maintaining and renovating them single handedly whilst being the most compassionate and caring landlord any tenant could wish for. I adore my two cats who live there. But it’s broke my heart. Since losing Foley, they don’t like Angel and both the cats attacked her as they sensed she was nervous. It broke me to little pieces as I love my fur family.

I can’t take her there any more. When Foley was alive there wasn’t a problem. It’s difficult now as I just don’t want to leave her alone. She’s so precious. Then I got home lit some candles and fell asleep. I woke up to a fire as I had rolled over and my duvet had landed on a candle. There was a fire but I put it out with two big bottles of water I had taken up to bed with me.

Candles are holistic, healing and wonderful elements to have around the home but they’re a huge fire hazard so every one, please be careful. I’m having a break from writing to get some DIY done. I had damp work done in the basement now I have to rebuild my kitchen (again.) Sigh Oh F*cking Hell!

Tiffany. X

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