Revive Leeds – #Kirkstall – #Leeds new re-use shop for SLATE and St Vincent de Paul also #Seacroft.

Went on adventure yesterday then discovered Revive Leeds in North-West Leeds. It’s a new shop on The Kirkstall Road next to McDonalds and in front of Aldi (a couple of miles from the centre) that takes bric-a-brac and good quality clothes and furniture. It had a bit of everything from Star Wars memorabilia to vinyls and trainers. I loved it in there. I resisted to buy anything as I have enough but I shall certainly volunteer when I’m free.

They don’t yet have much of a social media presence so I thought I’d write a little blog. A very friendly dedicated team. I even persuaded someone to buy two bed side table cabinets. I spoke with the deputy manager Jonathon who is very excited about the new venue. It’s a sister site to the success of their first re-use shop in Seacroft where Richard Burgon is the local Labour MP covering East Leeds who is notorious for getting involved in community projects to incorporate speaking with pupils of his constituency in Parliament. That’s commendable. Leeds is all about community, the arts and delegation. That’s why I spend so much time here. Without bias, I just love being in amongst groups and collectives doing such great work – Revive Leeds being an essential part of this. Not to mention – I despise waste. Every little thing has a purpose. Upcycle – recycle.

Below is a photo I love of Richard Burgon borrowing Jeremy Corbyn’s office whilst speaking with Allerton Grange 6th Form children. (I stole it from his Twitter page, actually.) Bless them. Richard’s got his glasses on – nice!


Revive Leeds is a partnership between St Vincent De Paul – a charity helping alleviate poverty and SLATE a charity group supporting people with learning disabilities. So really, by donating you are doing great things for local concern.

Revive Website with more details here for both Kirkstall and Seacroft – please pop in and treat yourself. There’s some great deals to be had. Perhaps you need a new sofa or a pair of trainers. There’s something for everyone!


Tiffany Belle Harper.

Images by Tiffany Belle Harper Photography©

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