Spontaneous Rage Fits at Light Workers #Prevalent stay grounded #diary

Today – visited my dentist. This woman came flying through the door – then, shouted out my car registration.

“That’s me …” I ‘innocently’ responded.

“Well, move your f*cking car.”

I stood up to move it telling her ‘not to be so rude.’ She went banging on saying it was parked across the kerb and on the pavement. Actually, it wasn’t. It was to the rear of the surgery – off road – on a bend and not obstructing anything or anyone. She went on to say she’d taken a photo of my car and sent it to the police. (Such an odd experience …)

On returning to the surgery – she’d gone. Clearly having a bad day? The woman reminded me of a spiteful witch flying around Coventry on a broomstick – spreading hate and resentment on ‘her’ patch. She had a really hard looking expression on her face and stank of stale cigarettes. I brushed it off – but the poor Hygienist who’d popped down to reception got an even bigger mouthful. She looked really concerned and hurt.

I told Jatty (my dentist.) He’s getting CCTV cameras as he said stuff like that has happened before. Some people are just so het up! Maybe she had her reasons but we all have bad days. There’s no excuse for bad manners. Had a few more bad experiences throughout the day. Then, just now Jatty called to see if I was OK? To be honest, I brushed it off more or less immediately but his poor Hygienist looked really afraid. I think a lot of us had a few odd experiences today in one way or another. Good news though, the energy is shifting and things will calm down for the evening. The universe is intense at the moment. Hold Tight!

Light can bring out the madness in darkness. Turn the other cheek and they’ll vanish just like magic.

Then … felt inclined to visit an old junk shop in Harbury. There was a food trailer I fancied doing up. Asked the guy “how much?”

“About 5K” he responded with a look of ‘I’m a bullshitter’ all over his ruddy, smug face.

I advised him that to turn salvaged stock over it’s best to be reasonable. That the trailer was worth about £300. He said he’d start high and go lower if it didn’t sell. He was greedy. He’ll end up selling it for less than what I offered, due to being over zealous. It can be dog eat dog out there.

Tiffany X.

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Rage Fits at Light Workers #Prevalent stay grounded #diary

  1. What odd and unpleasant experiences. The angry woman should be more careful – she might find herself shouting at someone who is even more aggressive than she is and might get a bloody nose for her trouble. Greedy people (and angry, negative people, for that matter) should be pitied. They are worth nothing more than that.

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