My Darling Foley – Not a day goes by. I will never stop missing you. But you are here. The love is so powerful. I love YOU Foley

Indeed, the Angels bring new things and we are humble. Humble beyond words. We will be travelling to Wales in the sake of guidance from Foley.

We are humbled. Humbled. I cannot tell you when there will be more news. Nothing is set in stone. Everything is abundant. It lives on. Love Never Dies. Truly – it does not and it is only love that finds our path. We find our path with true love – friendship that cannot be divided or deformed. True Love is our message our reason. We are here to enjoy this beautiful planet and be keepers of all things sacred. That being, life itself. For … we are blessed. I’ve never read the bible.

I can pretend things are fine. I can be strong but you have left such a big hole in my heart, I am not sure somedays I can live without you. And when I feel you so close it breaks me up in two that I can’t touch you anymore. That I can’t talk to you. I just love you with all my heart and always will.


Foley X


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