Heinz 57 and Mountains #diary #nervous #tummy-butterflies

Well, It’s a big night. I’ve a friend coming around later and we’re going to see Evie Blossom. It’s an intriguing story. I was not looking for another dog. It’s way too soon after losing Foley. Yet, a couple of weeks ago we visited a pub and the landlady who I’ve known for ages came downstairs with two pups to show her friend. A friend who it transpires is also a distant relative to the friend I was eating with!

Daisy the mummy of the pups is the landlady’s pet and she wanted to give her the opportunity to have pups. There were four. Two left and their first viewing. Only going to friends and family. The lady chose the pup I was holding so I thought nothing of it. Then the landlady gave me the remaining baby and it sort of collapsed into my chest – gazing into my eyes … made the slightest bark then started ravaging my face and chin. I stared to her eyes and it was just as though I was looking at Foley when he took his last breath. I was overcome with emotion.

She is not a pedigree – the owner is not a breeder. Evie’s Mummy has a wonderful life and she ran around the pub collecting love and gratitude for being a Fur Mum. A cheeky spirited mite. I asked when the little thing was born and she told me the evening of March 2nd. It was too coincidental to ignore. Foley died that same night

I will always support rescue above all else. Yet, in an ideal world there would be no pet shops, puppy mills or puppy farms. No back-street breeders. Dogs, cats and other species that become pets would be born just like Evie into loving homes. Allowing pets to experience parenting such as Evie’s Fur Mum. I can take Evie to see her Mum whenever I want and the three siblings are close by too. It’s a fairy tale. She is cute but all dogs are beautiful. It’s whats inside that counts most. To be honest lurchers and greyhounds are the most placid and loving fluffies. That’s what I thought I would end up with given time.

Yesterday – I felt very guilty that I was having another doggy. It will never replace Foley but Angel never had her own pups. She is lonely and now she will have a little ball of fluff to nurture. Angel is so tiny a smaller dog is more suitable as she loves to snuggle up as she did with Foley each night (and much of the day …)  Evie is part Maltese, Bichon Frise and part Chihuahua. A right Heinz 57. I pick her up on the 1st May (Monday.) But wanted to see her tonight so she can get used to me a little more …

I support rescue #AdoptDontShop I will continue to play a part in re homing dogs, cats and equines. Perhaps in the future to be a foster mum when I am more settled. I don’t know where I will end up right now. I am transitional. I love it!

Further news … an investor and myself are hopefully buying between us a static home in Wales and we will have sacred space for the creative, to include healers and rescuers to enjoy! Will let you know more in a week. We’re signing up this weekend. It’s so gorgeous. Rivers, forests and mountains galore! Join us! You are sincerely welcome.

Still writing book! Suppose I’d better get ready to go out …

Tiff. X

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