Evie Blossom – sneak peak #diary #video (look a bit scruffy …)

Here’s my new friend. Dogs are not toys. They’re for life. Having a new pup means being up in the night, training and ensuring they’re loved. Always ask #WheresMum when you bring a new baby home. Ideally support rescue first, they need us most.

If you follow my blog you will learn I did not look for Evie. She found me. Here’s a little snippet of her and a very scruffy me. I’m writing today.

Love is Everything. Tiff X

5 thoughts on “Evie Blossom – sneak peak #diary #video (look a bit scruffy …)

  1. Oh, so cute!!! 😀 I would like to have a puppy like that one too… But I actually have two cats so I am not sure I could handle taking care of another pet right now… Will see 😉 Enjoy your day!

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