Daydreaming in a very pretty valley with Apricot Jam and the doggies #diary

Well, I’ve come up for air – been writing my book. (I’m unsure whether I’m glamping, camping or ‘simply’ off grid …?) Anyway, I felt I should post something of where I dwell these days. I am in a valley surrounded by the most exquisite nature. It’s heaven, truly. Yet … it’s torrential rain – so, I can’t share the most scenic spots right now.


Instead, I’ve posted a photo of the patio at ‘Annona’ she’s a beautiful girl. Recently given a lick of paint – I’ve Nag Champa and Clary Sage burning away whilst munching on french bread and apricot jam. My keyboard is sticky …


I’m not sure how long I’ll stay here … it’s just home for now – paradise. I’ve little nests all over the place … It’s like, when you’re a child and you build dens with nature, I guess I never grew out the habit. And, just for measure – here’s my feline bed linen. I’m really in the incubation zone …


I love writing. There no such thing as seclusion – it’s freedom.

Evie and Angel are so restful. I’m not over Foley – I never want to be. I wish I could see him, but he’s with Evie for sure. What a little bundle of love. They both are. I simply adore my girls. So proud.



I love you all. Stay in your power. Roar like a lion. Time for a shower. I’ve a chocolate mud mask on that’s made quite a mess of Evie … jam and mud. Nice.

~Namaste~ Tiffany. X

11 thoughts on “Daydreaming in a very pretty valley with Apricot Jam and the doggies #diary

  1. This looks just delightful. My eyes lit up when you mentioned ‘nests’ – I am a nest-maker and people laugh and don’t understand. My own little dens, hidey-holes and places of interest. Your bed linen is marvellous! This is a wonderful nest and its success is evident in the tranquility of the furry ones. Sending hugs x

    1. What a truly inspiring message Lucy my fellow nest maker …. it’s the best feeling ever. A balance of city and rural with lots of sentiment is a beautiful state of being. Love You Lots my Darling! Enjoy your visit soon. X

      1. Thanks, Tiffany. The images are from my Pixabay rummagings 🙂
        Have a great day too. Although if your in Yorkshire today like me, it’s pouring down 😳😬☂️

      2. There’s so many nooks I am yet to discover. It’s boundless. The UK is just astoundingly beautiful. I don’t know how anyone can complain when we have such beauty ‘often’ on our doorstep. It’s free!

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