Dear Foley – 11 – 11 -11

Dear Foley,

It’s been 11 weeks today since you passed and Evie is 11 weeks young. I may sound so pathetic to others but I don’t care. I loved you so much – when you went you took a part of me with you and I hope you are OK. Carry us well. Nothing can replace you but Evie is a joy. Not just for me but for Angel. She was the youngest now she is having to be the eldest. I suppose like you when we rescued Angel from that hell hole.

It’s all swings and roundabouts. Life is short. Losing you was not like losing a friend or family member – it was like my life had gone with you. At points, I just didn’t think I could move forward but I’m writing my book about us. There’s nothing to prove with true love. It’s infinite. I know that now, more than anything and not a day will go by I will not be grateful for you.


I will always love you. Mummy. X

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4 thoughts on “Dear Foley – 11 – 11 -11

  1. You don’t sound pathetic at all. I still visit my dog in the shady spot of our back yard every day. It’s been nearly two years. And his new “brother” sits with me while I visit.

  2. I think it’s so beautiful that you’ve loved her so much. My little dog I have had for thirteen years is so ill I have to make that dreadful decision either tomorrow or the next day. So dreadfully sad.

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