Mynydd Epynt Mountain #Powys #Wales #diary contemplative – freedom plus #video

I guess we all have days of self-loathing. I woke up in one of them. I don’t like myself when I feel angry by social injustice. It’s better to find resolve and peace within. I am however, hugely protective of friends and family. I’m passionate (which is not always ideal) and I wear my heart on my sleeve. It does get me into trouble but I’m very happy when enjoying my own space. 

I decided to step back from my book as I begun to drabble on. It wasn’t going anywhere (for today). So, went off exploring and found myself at the top of Mynydd Epynt Mountain. I wept – it was so very gorgeous. Magnificent. Dips and curves within valleys – as though I could see the entirety of Earth from one perspective. Small towns and little villages dotted amongst such stunningly enchanted landscape.  

I often feel irritated as I can’t find words to designate toward the exquisiteness before me. Therefore – I’m grateful to my camera that still hasn’t done this spectacularly perfect landscape the righteousness it so deserves. 



Thank You Mother Nature 


39 thoughts on “Mynydd Epynt Mountain #Powys #Wales #diary contemplative – freedom plus #video

    1. It honestly took my breath away! If you visit UK you are very welcome. The beauty of photographs is we can share around the world. Wales is such a beautiful place. Got more photgraphs to put here but think I will make a video of them later. Have yourself a lovely day 🙂

  1. “Hearing a hounded times is not as good as visiting once!”
    try me! Just let me know whenever you make your decision …
    It would be my honor to be your host.

      1. If I recall correctly from our dialogs last year, you are a Gemini. That means Sun is in your solar 12th house, a difficult period for each of us when we encounter it. This, too, shall pass.

      2. Thanks Grant. I hope you are good! You are full of knowledge. I wish I could master the sequences. I hope things are well your end. I’m currently in Wales for a couple more days. Sending light and peace your way for always 🙂

      3. I could not agree more. The universe and life itself works as one and must not be ignored. Also number sequences can be found with synchronicites if they are sincerely interpreted and not used for egotistical or fake means to create a false-hood. The universe can be translated with numbers and signs 🙂

      4. Agreed. The *ONLY* way Tarot / runes / i Ching makes sense to me is through the concept of synchronicity. Even then, I tend to use them only as tie-breakers.

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