stepping back – battery juice #diary eccentric fantasies

Sometimes we need to let go – step back. Evaluate what is most important. We can be so scattered – the most important things in life become lost and tangled. With writing my book – which is for not only my own accomplishment recollecting so many memories to share but … to also raise funds for animals. Then, I’ve my family and closest friends to consider and they’re missing out right now. We all need one another although less is more. It’s quality of time not quantity.

It’s going to a be sunny few days in the UK. I’ve forgotten to think freely enough to explore nature – for this is what inspires me to write most. To lose myself with simple, enjoyable tasks that fulfill my soul and passion. It’s like battery juice and the best bit is – It’s free!


I don’t know why … but today I’ve dreamed of living in St Albans. I think I’ll focus my goal to manifest this. I want a cottage – I yearn to nest. I want to start collecting clutter once more. I will host quaint coffee mornings with very eccentric folk. We will eat an array of homemade cakes, served with a 1920’s ornate cake spatula – presented on clashing fine bone china gold guild wares in various shades of pink and blue.

Today, I’ve been up a mountain, made soup – washed the outside of Annona and cleaned the decking. Next up is cauliflower cheese for tea – then, a cuddle with my dogs. Keeping it simple – Less is More!

T. X

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