May you walk with goodness in your hearts – we can all be kind with love

It’s been so very hot in the UK these last few days and we should not complain. Nature needs sunshine to grow the land as we need Vitamin D with the light. Yet, I do struggle with too much heat –Β it’s all about balance. Nonetheless, thank you nature! I find myself relieved today for a little rain and breeze.

Isn’t life very beautiful. Less is More. Isn’t it wonderful to be loved. Aren’t we all great for caring for one another and our precious Animal Kingdom. Let’s send love to everyone without condition. Love to those with different opinions. Love to ALL individuals even those who are lost and seek harm to others. Let’s forgive them and send them a hug – to tell them suffering is not by means of mankind. Nature controls our destiny in ways we cannot intervene. This is enough for our detriment! With nature in our hearts – Β the universe is our light. Our light will help us along our way. We just need to ask. To let go of control and a will to spread hate. Please be kind. Please be caring to all around you.

I want to send love to those who help others today. With their work for children or on a stage to create laughter – drama or a dancing spirit in this heavy and often oppressed blanket of fear. We wish to break down all perplexities with absolute affection and forgiveness. To the many who save animals with little recognition. Be thankful for them. Let’s rejoice in walking safely where we may travel with open hearts. Let’s hold doors open for strangers. Let’s spread smiles today.

I love Everyone – Even the Pathetic Folk. We are all capable of loving all that is around us. Please be kind. Please be love. Please don’t think of harm or pain. Let there be goodness everywhere. May we love our children all of them as our own. May their little hearts thrive in our care. All of us. Together. MAY THERE BE ONLY LOVE IN OUR HEARTS.

Love is Everything. We are One.

Tiffany. X

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