“campaigning to support 87 year old Bob Harvey, thrown out of a private ‘Care’ Home once they had all of his money #GuestBlog


Many people already know the story of how 87 year old, terminally ill Bob Harvey sold the family home so that he and his wife Margaret, who suffered from dementia, could move into a private sector care home, along with their devoted dog, a miniature Schnauzer, to be able to see out their lives together in safety and to live out their days with dignity and respect.  They moved into Burnfoot Hall & Coach House, one of 7 private care homes run by Mead Medical Services Ltd, because they were promised ”a Home for Life”.  Margaret’s condition deteriorated and she sadly passed away after 2 years at the Home.  But Bob & their dog stayed on.

Mead Medical enticed them in with many promises and reasonable fees.  But those fees subsequently increased 200% and the provider calculated that, after 4 years, the proceeds from the property sale and savings were running out.  In December 2016 Bob was told that his dog could no longer stay. When he refused to be parted from his devoted pet, they began the eviction process. 11 other tenants at Burnfoot Hall faced a similar fate (with at least 6 now believed to have moved on).

The campaign savebobsdog  was launched and 268,000 people have already signed an online petition demanding an investigation.  But the politicians failed to intervene and Bob moved out of the care home on 15th April 2017.

An initial fundraiser raised enough to maintain Bob for 20 months or so. That fundraiser will continue and aims to provide a comprehensive support package for Bob for the next 5 years.

The petition is available at


There is a link on the page for those wishing to donate to the 5 year support package.

Following a successful campaign during May, 3 separate campaigns are now being launched in support of all vulnerable elderly people who are forced to rely on the private residential care sector and who are abandoned and forgotten about by those elected to lead the society which our elderly created for all of us.

Until there are statutory changes to support and protect our most vulnerable citizens, the campaigns to bring about a change which provides protection for all elderly in the private residential care sector and which brings forward the introduction of a common pets policy across the whole residential care service, so that people are able to keep their loyal pets by their side will continue.

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