Less is More. We each have value ‘together’ all of us!

We don’t find success in ‘over’ exposure. It’s not about money – it’s about being good at what we do – with passion. TBH

Well, it’s Friday and let’s hope each and everyone of us have a lovely weekend. We are all able to use our voice and stand for what is right. We don’t need to be told how to think by rich tabloid outlets and an often biased Mainstream Media. We all have crafts – we are all leaving our blueprints.


WE are all one and we have to stay true to our core values. Less is More. Love is the Answer!

Nobody could have delivered a more inclusive and heart-felt campaign than Jeremy Corbyn and he will go down in history for being the man who wanted change from the disgraceful establishment. All the wonderful campaigners who involved themselves ‘sincerely’ by getting out in the community are heroes. Every one of them have value. There’s no pecking order. We all end up in the same pile of dust one day. It’s what happens ‘after’ that counts most. So we must be kind and good during our short and privileged stay here on Earth – it defines the bigger picture.

Finally, anyone who voted based on The Daily Mail or The Sun Newspaper coverage is not in receipt of facts. It’s not the truth.

A Rose for Jeremy #Leeds 2016 and almost a year later he’s still fighting for all of us at grassroot levels with no exclusion. He is very much amongst the people! (Sorry for poor video quality – it’s the thought that counts.)

Tiff. X


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