Thank You for being kind to me on my birthday

I had to put this beautiful video on my blog. It’s the loveliest thing I have ever received. I have had some lovely messages. I love this one from Kris and her family thank you for letting me share these on my blog.


I am lucky to be alive. We all are.

Something sad happened a couple of weeks ago that I am trying to deal with and heal. It’s an emotional situation. So I’ve been quiet. I am really thankful for my messages. I want to thank Kris for the love and we will find Sandy the perfect home. You are so kind and giving. You do so much and never brag about it. You are a wonderful person in every way possible. I cannot tell  you how perfect you are and so strong. Nobody will ever know how much you go through. I am so proud of you!


Thank you Vanessa for finding this video – it’s made me giggle

Thank you Amanda for finding me a pretty flower!


All these acts of kindness are what really matters. It is all that matters.

T. X

6 thoughts on “Thank You for being kind to me on my birthday

    1. Obstacles are sent to try us but this particular one has been tough. Thanks Lucy. You are my little Angel and you always turn up at the best times! Love you to bits and I hope your new book is a huge success. You are so gifted and I am proud to have you in my heart. X

      1. I am here whenever you need me my dearest, never forget that. Success will be what it will be, I consider even the opportunity to write and publish to be success in itself. I am a lucky girl. Much love x

  1. Aweee these are all so sweet!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful! May you be showered in love and light through these difficult times and always. You are such a bright star and deserve the best of everything this world has to offer!

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