when you realise

I have realised it’s not about helping those who won’t pick you up when you fall. It’s not about trying to impress strangers. It’s about loving what is close and staying in a circle of light. A transmission of fairness and gratitude.

I care about true happiness – animals and nature. That is enough for me. I am lucky. I don’t need much. Each to their own. I am going to live like a fairy and enjoy every minute.


11 Comments on “when you realise”

  1. Yes!!!! Aweee this is such a lovely sentiment! We don’t need everything that society has taught us we need so true! We only need what nature is able to provide us. You are such a beautiful soul and I am happy you seek out the earth angels among us! They tend to play tricks on me quite often, but I love them regardless! Lol

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