light circle #love #world

May a circle of light be upon us all. May we walk as one in peace. We should not attack others for having a view point or preference. We are all able to have our opinions without living in fear. Hate has no place – jealousy is a worthless emotion.

Everyone of us is leaving our blueprint. There is no pecking order. We are all equal and we all deserve abundance. There are no exclusive rights for any of us. We all have nature. Stand back from ego and greed.

A while ago I was repeatedly attacked for saying I liked a famous man in America (because the woman hated him.) It is not a crime to ‘like’ it is a crime to ‘hate.’ Liking someone does not mean agreeing with them. I don’t agree with ‘everything’ anyone says. We all make our own mind up. I won’t be told who to hate. I hate no-one. Hate is the problem to everything. Hate and resentment. It’s better to speak the truth and always face to face and if we can’t speak directly to the people who attack us, pity them – they probably don’t like who they are very much. Less is More. Cowards are always surrounded by fear. That’s how they make their capital and that’s how they try to control us.


We can be whatever we want if we come from truth.


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