#diary cakes and teddy bears

Having a lovely week. The weekend was perfect. Nearby someone had a Teddy Bears Picnic. It was all grown ups and I thought with all this hate in the world what a silly and lovely thing to do. It brought people together with a smile.

I’ve found a lady who makes alcoholic vegan cupcakes too, to supply to food chains. They’re awesome. If anyone in the UK is interested let me know. I may have some good news later about a very special little doggy. Plus, I need to empty my camera as I have a couple of pictures of Evie. She’s so sweet and clever. I’m hooked.

Been painting. It’s messy. Have any of you ever looked at the shapes paint drips make? They take on a whole new meaning. Must take photo of paw print of Evie who got caught up in a splodge of emulsion. It’s a masterpiece! I’m sure she is an artist and I am not even joking. Everything she does leaves an imprint. She fascinates me.

I’m running late but will be back with some pictures and of the cupcakes too if I can find them. What a great little business venture.

T. x

12 thoughts on “#diary cakes and teddy bears

      1. I had a house once and the prep work took me 3 years. I just couldn’t motivate myself. I prefer to do up old furniture than paint walls. But it has to be done! What paint do you use? I am nuts about Farrow and Ball. I believe it is the best.

      2. Brand no big deal for me…must be latex/ water-based…that’s a lot prep…sometimes you gotta break a big job now…and a couple energetic teens would help

  1. Sounds like your week is just super. I am so pleased. You deserve all the sunshine in the world, both inside and out. Those cupcakes sound incredible! Big hugs to you and Evie x

      1. Everything is marvellous here, thank you, life is busy but good and I am feeling that the world is being kind to me. I just wish it could be as kind to everyone x

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