Success is not about greed. It’s within all of us together – as one #diary

We can find success in many ways. Some assume it’s about cash flow. Admittedly we need to eat, have flexibility. But we can only spend so much in one life time. Success is about a balance between inner value and outer effort. To find a harmony where we find a peaceful mix of time with those we love – be it near, distant – or far. We connect on many levels when we are awake – when we are conscious in a universal form.

Success is not to be driven by money as success has to have a destination. A place where we can sit back and say, ‘I’ve got a flow of abundance in life that connects love with our crafts.’ To bring a sense of ‘real’ peace and gratitude.

To be authentic and original to be part of groups and communities that encourage us to give with open hearts – accepting we each have our own unique ways. To be transparent and sincere in our blueprints. To allow others to shine. Success is wanting good for those along our way. To give and take. Success is a lifestyle that enables our brothers and sisters to find a common ground. If we can make one another happy – we can work together to save our planet.

I suppose taking all the above into consideration. I’m successful and so are many of you – more than you may know – indeed. We are thankful and forever in hope of a fairer system that brings an introductory portal to those who believe they are voiceless. We’re all doing good. Be driven by your hearts with the sense of your most sincere minds. Not by competing with those who aren’t truly awake, regardless of how it appears. Nothing is real other than our core values and sense of conscience. I’m free and so are you! Life will take you down your ‘true’ path and you will be rewarded with love. It starts with self. Less is More! It’s not about who we are – it’s about seeing who ‘we’ all are – as one. Just as the sun when casting praise through forests and open space. A blessed life is a very simple path.



10 thoughts on “Success is not about greed. It’s within all of us together – as one #diary

    1. Well observed. There is a park in Leeds that I visit often during Autumn and Winter. The trees take on so many forms. So colourful. I love leaves – bark – nature. All of it 🙂

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