Boris Johnson – another strange one #diary

In the UK we have another strange person in politics. I am not certain but I think he is mostly drunk. He doesn’t seem to understand or grasp anything?

He’s like a sickly echo. I cannot believe tax payers are keeping him comfortable. I despair. Really, I do. I can’t look at much more of this. It makes me feel so miserable.

Here he is. Boris Johnson. A very troubled soul.



8 Comments on “Boris Johnson – another strange one #diary”

  1. I can explain why Mrs M got to be PM; I can see the cause and events which put why that oaf in the Whitehouse, I know why Mr Putin is so popular in Russia. I can even ‘get’ why Master M Gove has slipped back into govt.
    I cannot however explain Boris Johnson. (other than he time warped from the 18th century)
    Perhaps if I study Chaos Theory it might be clearer

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