Boris Johnson – another strange one #diary

In the UK we have another strange person in politics. I am not certain but I think he is mostly drunk. He doesn’t seem to understand or grasp anything?

He’s like a sickly echo. I cannot believe tax payers are keeping him comfortable. I despair. Really, I do. I can’t look at much more of this. It makes me feel so miserable.

Here he is. Boris Johnson. A very troubled soul.



8 Comments on “Boris Johnson – another strange one #diary”

  1. I can explain why Mrs M got to be PM; I can see the cause and events which put why that oaf in the Whitehouse, I know why Mr Putin is so popular in Russia. I can even ‘get’ why Master M Gove has slipped back into govt.
    I cannot however explain Boris Johnson. (other than he time warped from the 18th century)
    Perhaps if I study Chaos Theory it might be clearer

  2. He’s the joke and scapegoat for the country so he can explain to leaders of other nations why so many voted for Brexit. I think the joke is over now.

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