fake social media users #news

Someone just told me that many people using social media pay a lot of money for bots to share their posts. They can either pay for -re-tweets or just likes and when you look at the accounts that share posts they are not real people. Why do this?

Gosh, what a crooked way to fake popularity. It should not be about any of that at all. A share or like should not appear to determine the quality. What a lot of fake news. It should be banned. That is a disgrace. Paying to be put ahead of others is a tragic existence.

So that means much of what we are seeing is not current or most popular, it’s paid for. Β Either way it’s about quality not quantity. Less is More.


12 Comments on “fake social media users #news”

  1. Your post raises an important personal question: What am I trying to accomplish through my use of social media? The answer tells much about the character of the person. Thank you for sharing. Ray

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  2. There is this old phrase ‘All knowledge is power’ (which itself is bunkum, it’s actually ‘application of selective knowledge’, but that aside).
    Presumably the up-date is ‘All profile is power’.
    Wotta con!

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