fake social media users #news

Someone just told me that many people using social media pay a lot of money for bots to share their posts. They can either pay for -re-tweets or just likes and when you look at the accounts that share posts they are not real people. Why do this?

Gosh, what a crooked way to fake popularity. It should not be about any of that at all. A share or like should not appear to determine the quality. What a lot of fake news. It should be banned. That is a disgrace. Paying to be put ahead of others is a tragic existence.

So that means much of what we are seeing is not current or most popular, it’s paid for. Β Either way it’s about quality not quantity. Less is More.


12 thoughts on “fake social media users #news

  1. I agree completely. Do these people “buy” likes and shares to feed their ego? (like the current “president” of the U.S.)

  2. Your post raises an important personal question: What am I trying to accomplish through my use of social media? The answer tells much about the character of the person. Thank you for sharing. Ray

    1. So true and it’s always great to see people sharing words of what they’ve done to help mend our broken planet. To incorporate others into circles of optimism. Less is More. Balance (I guess …) You are very wise πŸ™‚

      1. And so are you! I struggle to lead and earthly life. To do things most others get on with. I find it mundane. I love colour, music, day-dreaming and travelling. It’s not enough for this wicked world. It’s 2.30am here in UK. Struggling to sleep this evening. Need to do a good long walk tomorrow πŸ™‚

  3. There is this old phrase ‘All knowledge is power’ (which itself is bunkum, it’s actually ‘application of selective knowledge’, but that aside).
    Presumably the up-date is ‘All profile is power’.
    Wotta con!

      1. Too many examples of those throughout history Tiffany.
        Take care and keeping the light shining.

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