Gosh I am crying – everyone being kind #diary #tolerance #religion #love

 Faith is blind to set us free. TBH

It’s lovely seeing people out and about doing lovely things. It’s one thing sitting at social media all day counting re-tweets and another showing beautiful images of kindness in the world and our communities. It makes me cry. I am crying because everyone is so lovely and I have been reading poems written by ‘mostly’ men. Many are ‘muslim’ and they are saying the same thing as the rest of us. We just want love. It’s the newspapers and mainstream press that divides us. It appears we are all at war when we are NOT!


There’s good and bad in all people. We blame religion for everything yet I’ve never seen so much hate spreading with the more prolific atheist groups that seem to mock just about everything that is more awake, which would be the rest of  society. An us and them scenario. It’s truly pathetic. We are free to express kindness in all its forms. I am yet to see an avid atheist do much else than share fear and dictatorship – unless there’s money to be had or the obvious ‘power.’

I know there is more because I live in it – we all do. There’s big shifts taking place. Anyone who is awake will experience this and therefore know that atheists are stuck in the 3rd dimension spreading fear and hate as a mirror of their own anxieties.


19 thoughts on “Gosh I am crying – everyone being kind #diary #tolerance #religion #love

  1. True dat – good and bad to be found in all groups. Apart from recruitment consultants. They’re inherently evil. I don’t make the rules.
    I think an atheist can be an OK person too. But when people go round saying religion is responsible for all the ills in the world. Well that’s simply not the whole picture. Religions have definitely been manipulated to nefarious ends sometimes in history, but they’ve also been responsible for a lot of good which is never discussed in those debates. And as you say there’s plenty of bad happened outside of religion which is also conveniently ignored. I don’t know if you ever saw that series(or read that book) The Ascent of Man, but there’s an episode where he examines the phenomenon of feeling like you are right, and how much evil it has resulted in. I think that is the real problem with humanity. We all need to feel like our beliefs and opinions are the right ones, that we are on the right side, so we unwittingly partake in confirmation bias and become blind to the truth. Then we get angry when anyone tries to threaten that idea. Those who embrace that are responsible for the bad in the world. But some people are definitely just assholes. And they’re responsible for a lot of bad too! Ha ha ha.

    1. That is a great response. You are v clever and wise! Yes, I believe as you, it is about tolerance. Not gobbing off at everyone who has a different opinion in aid to try and convert them into worshipping a specific individual. I hate the term ‘fans’ we only ever really have friends. Why should anyone be a mere Fan when they are often better people. I admire many gifted individuals, some famous some unknown. I say ‘fan’ as they would say the same to another they admired. But some people just want a power that is not theirs to keep or hold. It’s for everyone. XX

      1. Sorry – I just realised my comments are a bit bombastic and long! Ha ha – it’s part of the hermit code I’m afraid! But thanks for being nice.
        That’s an interesting idea about friends vs fans. It does imply a worship angle doesn’t it. Humans are so strange. I always talk about them as if I’m not one too which is silly. Cos I am. I think. It is all about power isn’t it. Hierarchies, power over others. It’s bloody inescapable in this place. It’s sad. But it just seems to be the way it is with us for some reason. Our robot successors won’t waste any time on that nonsense.

      2. You don’t come across as bombastic. You convey yourself intelligently. We can all be a friend and a fan. But we can’t just want fans and not have friends. That’s the weirdest way to live a life in my opinion. 🙂

  2. Well that makes sense. Friends are better than fans for sure. I’ve never had a fan though. I had a stalker or two,, but it’s not the same somehow.

    1. Don’t get me started on stalkers. I’ve had death threats in the past and actually been physically assaulted! I am your fan. I am a FAN !! (Not stalking you … too A.D.D to be that focused)

    2. Oh no! you too. The world’s full of LOONS. Take me for instance! Well I am glad to have you aboard. There’s plenty of room here on HMS doubtpuppet. Why not try our starlight ballroom. Free drinks for ladies after 1am!

      1. Send me a virtual jug of Ale. Well pissed off actually. Had car broken into twice. Bank Card stolen. New card received and still no pin-number so I am broke right now! Did a supermarket shop though as could use card online. Wish I’d put some booze on it. Feel like one today. So I guess I will suffice with the ballroom blitz at 1am and a virtual taste of whatever crops up!

      2. Oh no. I’m so sorry. Pondlife bastards. As long as you cancel it, hopefully the bank will cover any the losses. What a wicked world. If I could I’d send you 4 Babychams.

      3. I’d love a Babycham! Yes, they stole my St Christopher too. Hope he does his work and also my caravan keys. Fortunately there’s a spare set but still. Humphhh

      4. Oh that is infuriating. To them it’s just business but the effects to the victims are real and hurtful. I think the penalties should be harsher. It’s tolerated like a legitimate industry in this country.

      5. Oh no. That’s a bit elaborate isn’t it. Cheeky toe rags. I bet my car’s susceptible to that cos it’s knocking on. I hate thieves. they crap on quality of life.

      6. It’s a fairly new car and apparently there is thieving equipment that can open a car up to 20ft away from the keys. Ridiculous really. I hope you are pushing ahead with getting your book work completed 🙂

      7. Oh OK, I assumed it must be an old one cos they normally figure out how to get into the old ones first. Maybe they wouldn’t even bother with my old banger at this point! It’s horrible how these people connive to trick and catch out everyone else. subhuman scumbags. (not a very spiritual thing to say I know! ha ha ha)

  3. I love how you find beauty everywhere. It is sad when people choose to live blindly based on labels and their own insecurities. Everyone is an individual and just because they have a certain faith or culture does not make them identical to every other person who shares that same belief or background.

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