We’ve got a really weird Prime Minister and my secret addiction #diary

My pledge for this week is to put on some makeup and get my photo taken, I look so wretched on most of them as I’m just not vain. But vanity is sometimes such a good thing as it’s good to make the effort. I am capable of being well presented. But I’d rather make my space pretty. Sigh … Balance!

I’ve bought myself the best thing ever. I’ve got an ice machine. I do have an addiction to ice. Really … it’s true. Local stores buy more in to cater for me so they’ll now have a surplus. I eat/drink a bag of ice every two days. I can’t drink cold drinks without ice in them and lots of it. Not sure where this all came from but it’s always been the same. I’ve left bars and restaurants if they’ve no ice.

Bit of useless information.

Anyway, I don’t talk so much about politics – happiness is getting bigger than that. But I am really embarrassed about our Prime Minister who runs the country on a minority vote. Her name is Theresa May.

She says there’s no magic money tree then gives 1 billion UK pounds to Northern Ireland but won’t look after our children. She won’t grant payment for parents to afford to give their children a basic funeral. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true.

She says she will leave no stone un-turned with regard to a tragic fire in the UK that killed many people. Yet she has not once visited them to offer support.

During her election campaign she visited Leeds and all the staff at the building were asked to leave. No-one could ask questions. She brought in her own team and pretended it was a campaign. It was all lies. I don’t like lies. It’s an awful example.

The list is endless, it really is quite baffling. She’s well spoken and wears designer clothes, that’s about all she feels is needed to run the country. Very disappointing.


14 thoughts on “We’ve got a really weird Prime Minister and my secret addiction #diary

  1. Agreed. Although I think all prime ministers are scumbags now. I think they have to be to exist in that position. i.e. highly paid actors fronting a racket which serves the highest bidder – usually banks and corporations. The real trick is concealing all that and convincing us they’ve got our best interests at heart really, but it’s all so very complicated we pea brains just couldn’t understand, and there’s just no money for anything you see. Tony Blair was a master at this. Everyone bought his bullshit for the longest time. Poor old Teresa just isn’t very good at it so she won’t last long, then a better actor will take up the reins … everyone will cheer for 5 minutes … then everyone will be disappointed and angry again when they realise he’s not the good guy he promised them he would be.
    It’s incredible we tolerate such a system – like a form of amnesia.

    And you don’t need makeup – you look great without it.

    1. Powerful words my friend. I agree. I believe we are in a new era of politics that does not require the old belief system. What makes me laugh is those stuck in the mainstream believe it’s all as normal. But bigger things have been happening for a long time now. We’ve been controlled for too long. We all work together more effectively without the bullshit.

  2. ‘Weird’ is a very good description of the PM. I don’t think she is necessarily dreadful person (by political standards, anyway) but her approach and demeanor are decidedly odd. It’s as if she is living in a different world to the rest of us. Most curious.

    1. I don’t think she is in the real hemisphere. But somehow they voted her in so I guess she has a job to do. Personally, I would wish to resign and do something that makes me happy. She could not be content with all the pressure around her politics. It’s all so dated now. X

  3. The way our nation has evolved politically there will always be a PM, maybe not the best system but there are worse alternatives; aside from the various autocracies, spare a thought for our poor friends in the USA for instance!
    One thing Conservative leaders should not do is footle about with Europe, it unsettles the tribe behind them, and they still have this charming old idea in the back of their heads that we are still GB 19th Century style and that Europe has to listen to us. Thatcher, Major, Cameron and now May all came unstuck over Europe.
    In the wake of the unexpected Brexit result and no David, Mrs M no doubt she felt she had heard the ‘call’ and be fair the other contenders hardly came across at the time as sparkling! Thus she did taketh up the mantle. And then Labour went in for one of its regular vitriolic bouts of in-fighting and all seemed peachy for her, she could rule as The Sacred Margaret had ruled.
    And so to prove she was ‘The Girl’ she played the Europe card, didn’t check if the manifesto was palatable to the public, thought all Brexit votes would go from UKIP to Conservative, nor did she get anyone to look at the pretty effective political machine that Jeremy Corbyn’s team can muster, and the rest is history!
    Now we have a cobbled together unnecessary coalition (I mean DUP supporting Labour?????) and since most people on the mainland do not understand Ulster politics there will be much dising of gruntles as to why money goes ‘there’ and not ‘here’.
    Ah Mrs May, I fear you did not check for that permanent lodger in Number 10; Mr Hugh Bris.
    You’ll notice that suddenly various Conservative Govt ministers are ever so worried about Public Sector Pay; how kind of them……..Yeh right.
    OK I’m done.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words Tiffany.
        My grandson voted for the first time and his elder sister My granddaughter for the third time. I feel the torch has been passed to this generation; they have the belief and the intensity; none of that dire faux-fashionable-world-weariness. There is hope!
        Best wishes

      2. You are amazing for spreading the word. Young people are getting out there voting at long last. This is what we need! So sad they gave up but they’re coming home!

      3. Their mum and dad did a good job of their political education👍

  4. You’re so cute with your ice addiction! Lol 😝 On the other hand that is tragic about your prime minister. However, our president isn’t singing a more honorable tune…. #ashamedtobeamerican

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