Women can make life good again

Just cooking. I should really take some photographs and show you as I love to cook. I don’t do anything fussy. I keep it simple … anyway, I was smiling away thinking about all the fabulous women that inspire me for many different reasons. In fact ‘most’ women make me tick in some way. I like women who like men and try to bring us all together by showing strength, courage and kindness.

Here’s a few Angels. I won’t name them. Cos, if you read this blog you will know already or learn with time. All women are born to love. I love the ladies who visit my blog just as much. I love everyone. I just wish we could all be happy with knowing so many things in life we take for granted are the best gifts of all.


(David and Bert are not women (obviously) – just liked the photo of his Mama.)



9 thoughts on “Women can make life good again

  1. A beautiful post with some gorgeous ladies! I also love to cook, not least because I love to eat, but to create something that can be shared and enjoyed with friends is always a delight.

      1. I could not agree more. All are so focused. I feel so humble. Love you lots and lots and so proud of you. You are so talented Lucy. I struggle to read sometimes unless it really grabs me but reading your fun tales is a pure escape and so wickedly clever. I adore you. I really am a HUGE FAN !!!!

      2. Oh I am so chuffed you like what I do! I am a great admirer of yours too, your blog always brings me peace and joy, no matter what else is happening around. You have a great gift for compassion and this is to be celebrated. I love you lots and lots xxx

      3. It keeps me sane as sometimes I don’t know where I am at then when I write it down or show some photographs it puts life into perspective. I am so glad you understand me. It does mean so much. X

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