National Pets Rememberance Day

Dear Foley,

Not a day goes by I don’t miss  you. You were such a good boy. I’ve got Evie now and Angel still wonders where you are. You were my little boy and nothing can replace your memories. I do have days where I feel very sad about losing you but I am glad we went through it all together and I was lucky enough to hold you whilst you left your earth body. It will haunt me forever. But then there was peace.

Don’t ever be far but don’t be so close you forget your time over rainbow bridge. Thank you for understanding me, accepting me and most of all for leaving me with a love that I never thought possible. My little darling boy. I will be honest, my heart is so broken but I am trying. I can’t get over you but I am standing up for myself and still helping your fluffy friends. I forgot to say … my friend has put some roses in the garden for you. I am going to put a photograph of you with me on the rainbow bridge she made soon!

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Mummy. X

3 Comments on “National Pets Rememberance Day”

    • Thanks am fine most of the time then it overwhelms me. I try to get involved with the animal circuits to raise funds but it’s so cut throat. I just want to do something to repay the love. I love my little dogs, they’re so perfect. I do have some nice friends in rescue though but it is finding time together my own interests and needs. You know what I mean. I struggle, like you to focus on one thing. It bores the hell out of me to concentrate.

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