baking and blood #diary

Heard a sad story today that compelled me to give blood. I used to do this until a couple of years ago but somehow fell on the way side. Long over due. Very easy to register and there’s various donor banks all over the UK. Links at bottom.



Been baking. Made an aubergine and mushroom curry, then some courgette soup. I do enjoy pottering around but realise I’ve been doing too much of it recently and need to settle down a bit and plan for the future.

Courgette Soup. So easy to prepare. Am going to put recipes on ElegantHippyUK


There’s been so much badness going on in the world but togetherness, also. Where people are coming together from all backgrounds. I used to feel we were living in an ‘us’ and ‘them’ world. But now despite the obvious flaws in the system – people do seem to be joining in with things in their communities and around the world.

Aubergine and Mushroom Curry


I on the other hand have gone the opposite way. I’ve retreated. I’ve lost my confidence. It happens periodically. This year my parents disowned me for my politic view point, my dog died and I’ve been miserable at times. But there’s been so many good things happening. Evie for example. Little darling. And I’ve got some lovely people around me. But nonetheless we can still become prone to feeling a bit lost at times.

I suppose sometimes we should slow down to let things that are meant to be catch us up. Only nice stuff though, not the horrible things.

Could you register to Give Blood it will save lives and one day it could be yours.

Please CLICK HERE To register today to give blood in your area. 

Going to register my dogs to give blood now too. Yes! Vets need blood to save lives also.


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