‘The Blog Is Not About You’ by Dancing Alone #GuestBlog (pure genius!)

This is Ray. If you find time please read through his genuis and insightful work. It’s full of intelligence and guidance. A real brain twister with some thought provoking words. Very clever. I am hooked!

Looking on the Bright Side

“Good morning Ray. I’ve been giving my personality a lot of thought.”

“I’m glad one of us has. Don’t roll your eyes. Why are you folding your arms across your chest? Don’t turn away, what is it?”

“I want to be a PI. One of the hard-boiled kind. You know the old-fashioned rough and tough. Look at me. I’m beautiful, edgy, and tough.”

“You have the perfect personality to be a hard-boiled PI. I don’t have to add anything to it. Can I go back to writing my blog?”

“Will you help me? Let’s try one blog and see how it works out.”

“I don’t know anything about writing a PI blog.”

“How hard can it be? Every PI show uses the same recipe. We’ll substitute me. Someone is in distress.  They come to me for help. I take the case after a bit of haggling. I walk on the edge because I’m edgy. I get my way…

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