Alcohol abuse, personality disorders, and aggression: The quest for a common underlying mechanism #GuestBlog

Alcohol abuse can often make those who indulge become distant to their social circles or worst still, isolated all together were they can manifest grudges and battles that spread ill intent to the vulnerable. If you know someone who is symptomatic of the below post you can not mend them but you can guide them into taking the first steps to ‘self’ recovery. Many years ago I used to drink too much and at times life became tainted. Meditation, fresh air and my dogs were my initial steps to progress. Then became new friends a better environment and different hobbies/interests.

When we become hostile and angry with the world the innocent suffer most. It’s better to be kind and spread love – especially if we value our planet and its future. To self improve for all the right reasons and leave the good folk be – as they are. When I hear of or meet abuse cases, there is in most cases alcohol abuse at the base of the problem. Where the perpetrators can wake from a binge with instant regret or remorse by their actions. Drink to hide the guilt then continue the same cycle.

Women are battered behind closed doors, children abused and friends/family left in pain by the turmoil. Whether it is acts of actual violence or physiological abuse, alcohol is a trigger to much pain in the world. Nothing’s bad in moderation but it’s knowing where to draw that line. Obsessive, erratic behavioural patterns are best avoided – no person should put up with abuse – no matter how close the situation. It’s relative to the 3rd dimensional ‘stuck’ era that will eventually fade away, you will be relieved to know.

Finally, if you know someone or are a person that needs help, it’s the best thing I could hear today. To accept it’s time for change. YOUR CHANGE! But for those who are not willing to take responsibility for their actionswe should move away from abusers and let them perish in their own denial that may manifest in a bravado that becomes fearful. Hard words, but no-one should feel bullied, mithered, or intimidated by the wreckless.

Less is More. It really is.


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