keeping it simple – adopting junk and buying cotton #diary

Keeping it simple … yawns, stretches arms above head. Waffles cooking … doggies running around, joyous.




Yesterday, I adopted two pictures from a property that were going to be trashed. They’re originals. I liked them but doubtful whether they would suit the investment space I am restoring. But … they’re stunningly perfect! PLEASED!




By the way, ‘Midnight Blue’ is my all time favourite colour. It’s like a taupe but deeper and darker. J’adore all variants of blue though.




Plus, treated myself to this little embroidered cotton top for the summer. I am trying not to buy anymore clothes as I’ve always believed it’s silly buying stuff I am not going to wear within the next six months. But I fell in love. Perfect with cropped ripped jeans and white pumps.


I’m transitional! I can feel change, off we go. Who knows where I will be next …

Going on an adventure today – a picnic with camera and doggies. I haven’t done this in ages. PICNIC!


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