Maybe you will like this music


It’s music that assists my heart and inner ‘self’. Yet there’s a lot of bad stuff out there than can lead to rebellion and violence instigated by music. I remember when my children were young, I banned a couple of their tastes from the house due to the words. They were vulnerable, impressionable. It’s funny, as now they share their music with me and I’m flattered. It makes me feel pretty cool.

Yet … there’s my own personal tastes that I seem to return to. I don’t have favourite films, there’s too many to choose from. I suppose my preference being with British screen although I will tell you a secret I do like Jennifer Lopez movies. I often source old snippets from YouTube too. Love Peter Sellers, Roger Moore, Rowan Atkinson.

So here’s a few of my favourite albums in no particular order. There’s lots more but I won’t bombard you …


4 thoughts on “Maybe you will like this music

  1. Love that John Barry piece. Why’ that lady wearing glasses in the bath. Daft apeth! Good song though. Some of those cafe del mar pieces are nice too but haven’t listened to them all. Someone did me an mp3 once.
    Music can be a life saver sometimes. Here’s a cracker from a film I rewatched over the last 2 days – Inherent Vice. Great film in terms of poduction, style, acting, dialogue, but convoluted and hard to follow. I knew it must be a metaphor for something but couldn’t work out what until I had it explained to me. Wish I was that clever. I never get these coded films. Great song though:

    I am trying to abstain from all things blog at the mo to get something done. Just lost some work which is always nice. Thanks a lot Microsoft obligatory updates seemingly no matter what option you choose.

    1. Film sounds good. Like the ‘clue’ side of it all. Will check out later.. Tarantino is bringing out a new one. Can’t wait. Can hardly see here, sun shining on screen. What a bummer, you losing work. Perhaps save it to a cloud? I watched Lovely Bones. It’s a 12. It was more like a dark horror with a bad ending. Not suitable for children. Quite depraved. Disappointed as it came recommended. Glad I wasn’t at the caravan watching it, would not have slept.

      1. I liked The Lovely Bones for the imagery but it was a heavy dose. I’m not into horror though that wouldn’t be classed as horror. Still pretty creepy though. I found Silence of the Lambs too Creepy if I’m honest. Left me feeling disturbed for some time! Yeah I saw Tarantino had something in the pipeline. Haven’t been blown away by his last few(I’m in the minority clearly). Still they’re better than my last few! 😉
        Anyway I hope he returns to his old form again. That boy can write dialogue. Pulp Fiction was a masterpiece. I like Natural Born Killers too though it is a bit ultra violent. All his films are really. though technically I think Oliver Stone directed that and Tarantino wrote it.
        Right – I’d better get my head into this lost work quagmire! Speak later 🙂

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