Little treasures and moving on #diary

A blog to keep me sane. It’s the little things that matter. I’m finishing off my house in Leeds, to sell. It’s hard as it’s so cosy here, I forget my ‘heart’ journey. No matter where we put our most precious memories it’s home. I am so very transitional these days! Plus I’m also missing Annona the Van very much. Feel like just driving there right now.

I’ve had this picture for years. My neighbour found the print then framed it for me as a gift. I was living in Stratford Upon Avon at the time. It’s a Cree Indian prophecy. Powerful stuff.


This picture I purchased from a gallery at Lindisfarne (Holy Island). The artist went to visit his cousin, he had a drug problem and needed a change of scene. He never returned to The Midlands. He found peace whilst looking over the ocean – then, became an artist and secured a small gallery on the island. It’s him in the middle. I loved the story. (He makes reference to Vincent van Gogh by the way.)


This is just a colourful print and I’m sorry I can’t currently recall the artist but she’s great. I’ve a couple of her pieces.


These doors. I call them the ‘magic cupboards’ – working with Farrow and Ball paint here. It’s a reconstructed Victorian colour with ceramic handles I found in a junk shop.


And here’s Angel.


I’d better crack on now, I’ve had my blog fix.


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