Dear Monica on your 60th Birthday weekend

May this weekend be filled with love and joy for you and all who love you. You are one of the most amazing people I’ve met in this life. Sometimes, it seems there’s so much badness in the world as a result of greed, ego and rivalry. Then we meet someone so special, everything is put into perspective.

Each time I visit your home, I come away feeling uplifted and inspired by all the good work you do and so modestly. You are beautiful in every way possible. If the world had more like you, there’d be such peace.


You have given your life to helping those less fortunate. I don’t know how you carry the sorrow you have known, inflicted ‘mainly’ upon ‘children.’ You are a giving, caring, wonderful lady. You deserve the best birthday ever. And every day ‘for you’ should be blessed with Angel Dust and Fairy Showers of magical glitter, colourful hearts and all that sparkles from the skies, falling all round you as you take each step on your journey.


Your family are so proud of you and you have raised such diamonds. Each of your daughters individually designated to doing such wonderful things for humanity. Thank you for allowing me into your lives. I will be thinking of you. I miss you all. I Love You. Give my love to the little darlings and the hounds. Tell the little girls in your loving care, I’ll see them soon and to always be strong. To stand in their power. They have your safety and they are blessed with their time in your trust.



Crack open the bubbly my darling!!!

Tiffany. X

4 thoughts on “Dear Monica on your 60th Birthday weekend

  1. Hi Tiffy , I’m very happy and amazed at you’re beautiful blog about little old me . Many Thanks , you’ve made my day 😘😘😘See you soon xxx

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