Sing – Dance … across the pond #magical #witness #flowers #hugs plus pretty song to inspire you!

You are never alone. Everything is as beautiful as you want it to be. Sometimes we need to stop – stand still and find our inner values with nature. Regardless of wealth, poverty and all circumstance. We are one and everything will be okay. It is okay. There will be days you doubt yourself – of course.

Life is a lesson – a journey and the planet our platform.

We are conscious – awake and you are not alone!

You are sacred and chosen … so special.


I really have got your hands held gently in mine little girl so go and enjoy the world for me cos I’m your #witness and I love you.



16 thoughts on “Sing – Dance … across the pond #magical #witness #flowers #hugs plus pretty song to inspire you!

      1. I believe that is true. But we also must be honest in that relationship. But you must admit that people are not honest with themselves 🙂

      2. I agree. Sometimes I am not honest with myself and it is usually when I spend too much looking at what is ‘supposed’ to be going in the world. Then when I close down and just focus on my own life my head clears and I can see the truth. Sometimes that’s hard to face and other times it’s peace. Thanks Ben.

      3. You are welcome Tiffany 🙂

        You’re not an exception. We are all humans. In my family I have a great artist. He is excellent painter and excellent photographer, but he is to lazy to promote his paintings. He like to sleep a lot,he like to criticize.After each our conversation he gets crying because he does not want to admit to himself that he is lazy.Lazy but ambitious. Dangerous combination 🙂

      4. I don’t like lazy people either. I struggle to understand how anyone can want to sit at home all day watching TV with no ambition to learn. Learning can be free! Even blogging I learn so very much and talk with amazing people all round the world. Photography, poetry, art, etc. I hope your family members gets his drive to share his work. All gifts are given to us, we should at least try to share them. You are amazing! 🙂

      5. Thank you Tiffany 🙂

        He will, when he confesses to himself that he is lazy.When he stop to blame society, parents, life for his state.When he realize the biggest truth and is “Our life is in our hands”.And you Tiffany great example for that 🙂

      6. When people recognize their own weaknesses, and when they become honest with themselves, they are ready for great life. Like smoker. They say I like to smoke, and this is something in which I enjoy during the day, but I wanna quit. I said them NO. You are smoking because you’re addict.When you realize that you will stop smoking.Life is so simply , right 🙂

      7. Thank you so much Tiffany, for your kind words .It is a real pleasure to talk to you.You are so lovely and kind, that is .It is my honor to know you.Your blog is great.I really feel that you are writing from heart.

        I’m running away from to many rules in my life. If I want something I’m doing my best to take it.If I hurt someone I say I am sorry. If I have a problem I call him with full name. I like to say Thank you.

        Don’t regret 🙂 When you really make a decision, but really to loss your weight, you will make it.There is no doubt.You are honest with yourself and I am sure that you will make it. But if you asking me, you have a great line.

        Thank you

      8. I agree. I believe people should speak face to face and not spread gossip and lies in back handed ways. I would tell anyone exactly what I think to their face. I am not known for gossiping. I am as straight as they come. It’s my greatest quality. I despise cowards. 🙂

      9. You are very brave Tiffany. People dont’t like the truth. But we can be free only when we can say what we think. You are free 🙂

      10. Only God is perfect. Perfection can never be reached but we must always strive to reach it. People like to take their life as a pattern. If I like something that does not mean that is correct.Who is that person who can judge anybody !? You want to dream, you are daydreamer, that is great, if that is ok with you. People like to criticize what they do not understand. Only enlightened people care only about their worries 🙂

      11. A big percentage of people are trapped in their own worthless and morbid cycle of assuming others will believe everything they do is right. I have two sons. Both have their own business, both work hard and both want to get on in life. I am very proud of them. But they are kind, spiritual, love animals and they can fend for themselves. It’s what I want, for them to be happy. I don’t care what they do as long as they value life and others. They don’t use Facebook or Twitter they just get on. I know they do read my blog though bless them. I have been told not to make them look like Mummies Boys on here …. lol. X

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