The Stalker – a difference between connection and sabotage


A connection = two people communicate. Sabotage = one person ‘appears’ to communicate for other reasons than love, sincerity or friendship. The work of the dark. Empty head space crafting a worthless notion based on the ideas and instigation of others. Often deriving from ‘internal’ resentment and outward ‘sheer’ jealousy.’ A pathetic cycle of utter ego and all the wrong things for none of the right reasons.

Poster and words below taken from Pinterest. I have read other variations of this. Where I would replace ‘God’ with spirituality. Each to their own but this nails it. I’ve no interest in competing or changing the way I live my life. I’ve wealthy friends and financially insecure ones. I love them all for different reasons. But you can get ‘ego’ right out my face. I don’t ever want it in my life – I’d rather die. I am not driven by money either. I follow only my heart. Yes I like nice things. But it’s a combination of many attributes that wins my heart. This will never change. I am easy on me and I love my life. My soul remains eternally free and I love unconditionally. When I love – I give all my heart for all the correct reasons, forever. So let’s get married.



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