Light works with love plus uplifting #video


We are a circle of love, forever expanding with a mirror of vortex systems within light and abundance delivering in tender ways around the glory of Earth. Those who try to break love will only break themselves. Love is indestructible. Words cannot taint it, actions cannot reach it and ill intent will make us stronger.

Love grows with a collective of experiences united. Being ‘awake’ is highlighting those with ‘agenda’ who desperately try to attach their now ‘obvious’ ways to damage the circle of love are at the end of their journey. They will fade away to nothingness. We have no control over this. Good and love are working on higher levels than all else. It may seem confusing, deep, provoking but when we find ‘absolute’ love in our circles all bad seems more prolific because we have this deep sense of protection towards our authentic brothers and sisters – connecting so perfectly – as one.


We become more sensitive, at times fearful so when this takes places we realise ‘less is more’ in our circles and with a tightness of trust and belief for better ways, we grow and we magnify a will to change the detriment of Gaia and our beautiful planet and for all the children who dwell here and indeed are on their way. We are all parents. See light. See love. Trust in what we cannot explain for our hearts are guiding us.


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