Banksy chosen over Turner and Constable for nation’s favourite (The Telegraph) plus Russell Brand’s new (free) podcast

Banksy is a global artist that inspires many. He is a philosopher and activist of the 21st century. Unfortunately (or maybe a godsend) activists seldom get the recognition they deserve and this is an unspoken agreement. Activists, healers, volunteers and carers are the salt of this earth. This is why it’s so uplifting when ‘merit’ is rewarded where it’s due. Bansky doesn’t enter competitions, he does not have a marketing team nor does he rely on press releases. He walks like most activists, quietly.

I can’t do graffiti but I love to discover street work and photograph it or, better still – speak with the artists. Both my sons are gifted. They have a flair they use in their work with property and outdoor space. It’s beautiful to have a gift that can always earn a living. I’m very proud.  But it’s not always about money – art can be anything. Freedom in Art is a beautiful thing to #witness on so many levels – across so many platforms. It brings people together ‘as one.’  Through art, colour, nature, words, music, dance and more. Art is a great way to ‘fully’ be aware and connect – no matter where in the world we are. And, connections like these have got me through some ‘tough’ times.


I would also like to send my ‘public’ condolences to Russell Brand having lost a great fan this last week. An activist and campaigner for which I never met but respected for her unconditional love that showed through social media. Life can be very sad but it’s through the lows we find our highs.

Living in an Ivory Tower (like a small insignificant few) gains nothing but the ability to use others ‘ideas’ as opposed to a real sense of originality. The ‘us’ and ‘them’ idiots stuck in their perpetual cycle. We are only as strong as the best people around us and Russell had unconditional love in this lady which is a reflection of his audience. I want to send my love. All activists who want better things for the rest of us are Earth Angels, in my opinion/experience of people in their communities.

Russell’s New and Vibrant ‘Educational’ Podcast Here (it’s free suitable for all ages.)

Bansky in The Telegraph Newspaper



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