The Multi-Talented Artist – A Natal/Draconic Chart Comparison & Analysis by the Secret Poetess

Please kindly take a look at this fantastic blog. I enjoy astrology and love to learn new aspects of it. Thank you to The Secret Poetess for doing my chart.

Astro Collective

“The only business of the head in the world is to bow a ceaseless obeisance to the heart.”

William Butler Yeats

What a wonderful quote to start the following Natal/Draconic comparison of a multi-talented artist, also with the Sun in Gemini! Here is the chart of our artist to ponder and peruse:


With a mercurial Gemini Sun, the term ‘multi’ is apt for this native – they are multi-talented AND multifaceted…just like the most precious of extraordinary diamonds. We can see with the placement of the Natal Sun & Mercury both in Gemini, this soul is gifted with the spoken/written word and all forms of communication, potentially seeing stories & poems and all manner of creative dreams on every journey they ever take, spiritually, mentally…or literally.

In the Natal 5th house noted for creativity and joy, these gifts are amplified further. Couple these placements with a 6th house Venus, on…

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