Sheena and her new wheels

This brave woman refused to accept that she could not afford a wheelchair suitable to go across grass with her two rescue dogs. She fought for her wheels. She is one wonderful person. Sheena is in pain 24/7 with a chronic disease and is also a cancer survivor. Volunteers and kind people came together to help raise enough money so Sheena could enjoy nature. Things we too often take for granted. A role model.


Sheena campaigns for animals in her spare time.


4 thoughts on “Sheena and her new wheels

  1. I can’t thank everyone enough for the help and support. I am so very grateful to you and everyone for the donations and link shares. It feels absolutely fantastic to be able to wheel myself around on the rough ground, gravel paths etc at the common as well as the uneven paths with aggressive cambers. It’s so amazing, I need to build up my strength as well as hone the skills needed for the NuDrive Air system which is truly amazing piece of kit so easy to fit on any manual wheelchair. Thank you all so much again. 😊 💞💕😍

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