do not fear love – we are here ‘as one’

You are stuck in a stagnant relationship. Time is not of relevance. It’s not how long you have shared a roof – it’s how you feel inside. You are stuck and we are trying to help you. Then, when we help – she grows in ego. An ego that is all in her head. Let her go and set yourself free. She is a ‘cog’ in the works.

See your mentors. Choose one. We want to save you because you do much damage in your own pain. See the ‘male’ twins for they want to help you – as, do I. But not in your current mindset. Do not fear love. It is not written in books. It’s with you now. Let us help you.

Your will to ‘own’ is your ‘own’ detriment. Trust in love. Come!


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