A Fascinating Response #GuestReaction by Jina S. Bazzar

{I read the entire article through the link and yes, That was very interesting. Here’s one more thing for you to think about. Blind people, I mean those who are born blind, think about things in terms of color (as a friend once told me). I became blind at the age of 22, so when I think about something I have never seen before (before someone describes it to me), my mind gives it the characteristics it thinks it should have. For example, a person I have never seen or met before. Per the way they speak, act, smell, my mind builds up a visual image. Many times, it is the wrong one. I remember I once gave a guy a mustache, glasses, a broad frame. He was none of that, but that’s how my mind saw him and even after I was given a proper description, that image stuck.}

Thank you to AuthorsInspirations for this amazing response. Much to ponder here! Just randomly added a song that is currently playing on the radio. One of my ‘golden oldie’ faves. No relevance, just wanted to.


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