darling (my little minx)

Do not be excited about me.

Be excited because of me.

Be excited for you are in ‘oneness’ and I want to stroke your brow as you sleep.

To tell you everything is okay. To tell each and every breath you take that it is beautiful.

Because … it is.


(Poster not my own… it is shared.)

{You are a darling and a minx. I am very proud of you.}

4 Comments on “darling (my little minx)”

  1. You are the best of humanity Tiff. Wishing you THE most divine, spiritual time this festive season. I just came across this, and am truly cheered & honoured by your beautiful words written in the summer… secretly read in the depths of winter. I look forward to furthering confabs in 2018, peace, joy & love to you and in all you do. 💗🕊️xx

    • What a beautiful thing to say. Really beautiful. I have some gifts to send will post to East if you know what I mean. Perhaps delete this message then can get things to you that way. I hope your crimbo is filled with love and joy. I am sure it will be. It has been one hell of a year. Cannot wait for spring. You should visit Annona. You are welcome. Lots and Lots of love to everybody. Big Hugs. Keep Writing. Keep bringing joy. You are a real Earth Angel. Truly. I know you are. X

      • Oh Tiffany, that is incredible and generous of you, you really shouldn’t have, your friendship over the ether is the best gift a secret poetess could wish for, such a blessing to meet kindred light workers! 🙂 Thank you for your true kindness xx

      • There are some amazing fairies out there my darling! We just need to find them and show the world how magical love is. You are a wonderful person. It can be tough being awake. We feel every bit of pain. But better than being in the dark and wriggled with fear. Stay in your power. X

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