darling (my little minx)

Do not be excited about me.

Be excited because of me.

Be excited for you are in ‘oneness’ and I want to stroke your brow as you sleep.

To tell you everything is okay. To tell each and every breath you take that it is beautiful.

Because … it is.


(Poster not my own… it is shared.)

{You are a darling and a minx. I am very proud of you.}

4 thoughts on “darling (my little minx)

  1. You are the best of humanity Tiff. Wishing you THE most divine, spiritual time this festive season. I just came across this, and am truly cheered & honoured by your beautiful words written in the summer… secretly read in the depths of winter. I look forward to furthering confabs in 2018, peace, joy & love to you and in all you do. 💗🕊️xx

    1. What a beautiful thing to say. Really beautiful. I have some gifts to send will post to East if you know what I mean. Perhaps delete this message then can get things to you that way. I hope your crimbo is filled with love and joy. I am sure it will be. It has been one hell of a year. Cannot wait for spring. You should visit Annona. You are welcome. Lots and Lots of love to everybody. Big Hugs. Keep Writing. Keep bringing joy. You are a real Earth Angel. Truly. I know you are. X

      1. Oh Tiffany, that is incredible and generous of you, you really shouldn’t have, your friendship over the ether is the best gift a secret poetess could wish for, such a blessing to meet kindred light workers! 🙂 Thank you for your true kindness xx

      2. There are some amazing fairies out there my darling! We just need to find them and show the world how magical love is. You are a wonderful person. It can be tough being awake. We feel every bit of pain. But better than being in the dark and wriggled with fear. Stay in your power. X

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