The fascinating reason that children write letters backwards — #GuestBlog

Hint: it has something to do with why we believe the earth is flat until we’re taught otherwise in school. Neuroscientist Mariano Sigman explains how the process of learning involves a certain amount of un-learning what we intuitively know. Common sense suggests that learning consists of acquiring new knowledge. Socrates, though, proposed that it involved…

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9 thoughts on “The fascinating reason that children write letters backwards — #GuestBlog

  1. I read the entire article through the link and yes, That was very interesting. Here’s one more thing for you to think about. Blind people, I mean those who are born blind, think about things in terms of color (as a friend once told me). I became blind at the age of 22, so when I think about something I have never seen before (before someone describes it to me), my mind gives it the characteristics it thinks it should have. For example, a person I have never seen or met before. Per the way they speak, act, smell, my mind builds up a visual image. Many times, it is the wrong one. I remember I once gave a guy a mustache, glasses, a broad frame. He was none of that, but that’s how my mind saw him and even after I was given a proper description, that image stuck.

    1. This is fascinating. Would you mind if I created a blog with a link back to you with this response. It is so right. We can consciously visualise anything, anywhere in the world at any time. Our mind will create the story board. Thank you. Thank you so much!

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